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Sat – truth, sang –setting, conversation

Satsang is a spiritual discourse. Also, satsang is one of the crucial parts of spiritual practice or sadhana, which consists of the whole set of practices.

Satsang is one of the important ways which Teacher uses to pass the knowledge to disciples. Satsang is understood and easily comprehended by anyone, would it be a new person or a practicing disciple. And it is equally important for both of them.

The words Teacher speaks during the satsang and the power he spreads make a strong impact on the people, cleaning them and the subtle atmosphere. One has to be in a pure state to receive, accept and apply the knowledge in one‘s life.

what can spiritual practice give

Why Do Some People Act And Obtain a Good Result, While Others Always Fail at Something?

Most people want to do something, reflect on it a lot, accumulate their power, but never fulfil what they have planned. Plenty of excuses arise: something does not add up, something is lacking, there is no support or someone is disturbing. And so goes a year, two, three… And the entire life can pass by like that.

Others begin to act, but give up at some point. This always has many objective and subjective reasons and justifications.

But there are very few of those, who think, plan, act and complete the plan to the end. Why doesn’t everyone succeed in this?

Power is needed to execute and complete anything. If a person has it, he can act successfully, if not, then something would always “not turn out well”.

Gratitude And Prayer

God gives a lot to people out of his love, but they are not grateful and frequently forget what they have been given. One must thank God for everything: for the body, which He granted, for the breath, for the food, for the work, which He gave…

Prayer must be performed not only in order to request something, but also in order to thank Him. Come joy or sorrow, but one needs to never forget God, always stay in a good state and remember that no one will ever love you the way God does. Most people ask: “God, why didn't you give me this or that???” Everyone obtains as much as he needs to. In this universe everything happens by His Grace

The Value of Time

In the old age, one reflects, recalling the past years: ‘‘If only it was possible to prolong life, I would do this, correct that, achieve this…’’ But everyone has a determined period and it is impossible to change it, that is why it is important to value time, constantly progress, always remember God and try to live correctly. But when it is time to depart, one needs to quietly leave the body like clothes, then there will be no feelings of fear and pain. If jivatma (soul) leaves the world in such state, this means that it has reached the spiritual perfection.

Reasons of Physical And Mental Suffering

A child is born pure, but afterwards his entire life flows according to the law of karma. As soon as he starts growing up, the world gradually seizes him: various desires and attachments (ashakti) appear, and with years they only multiply. Those that are not realised cause suffering, severe pain.

Why do you experience physical pain? It is due to the strong attachment to the body. And why do you experience spiritual pain? Because you “attached” to another person, but he behaved not the way you wanted. With years the pain is accumulated from the various small situations or circumstances; and when it is time to die, the person, having stored this pain within, suffers greatly and is very anxious.

What can spiritual practice (meditation, chanting mantra) give?

A person lives on Earth under the rule of karma (the law of cause and effect). Without a spiritual practice one's life is fully predestined, and not only by his own karma, but also by the karma of his relatives and the people who surround him. To reduce the effects of karma, one needs to meditate, to chant the name of God or mantra (practise jap).

Regular morning jap has a positive effect on the rest of the day: the mind (man) starts working better, more positive thoughts start coming, a better understanding appears about what is right for you and what isn't, and which decisions should be taken. And if suddenly some very difficult karma awakes, you will not immerse yourself in this negative situation completely and will be able to understand what you need to do to exit it.

It happens that day to day you're not doing something that is very necessary and useful, you keep postponing it for tomorrow, not realising that it is essential. If you start practising jap, you will be able to understand and act in time.

For example, a disease or a difficult situation appears, but a person does not know of it and would only find out when it is already very difficult, if not impossible, to find a solution. But if a person does sadhana (spiritual practice) and jap well, then the disease is detected in time and can be cured. Then the negative karma, which could give a very bad result, would leave easier.

What Kind of Power Is Necessary?

Physical power, health and capacity to work are necessary for any matter or any job. If a person is physically weak, then he will not be able to do much. But only physical power is insufficient, besides, it can decrease for various reasons: e.g. due to health or with age.

The second kind of power is material. If a person wants to do something significant, money and other material resources are necessary. But even this power does not resolve everything; it can also be gone at some point.

And there is the third, greatest power. This is the inner power. They call it the power of spirit or spiritual power.

When a person has physical power, it is evident. Material capabilities can also be seen. Spiritual power is not as evident as physical or material powers. Not everyone can understand that the person has it. But the one, who possesses it, can do a lot at any moment and at any age. And this can be astonishing and unexpected for the others around.

Two people can possess identical physical and material force, but the one possessing spiritual power will achieve success.

Spiritually strong person will not be disturbed by physical weakness, age or material deficiencies. He will be able to overcome all this, to find a way out and beautifully, correctly complete whatever has been planned.

The purpose of any Human life

What does any man in your life? To be happy, successful, achieve their dreams and desires. However, the real purpose of human life - is to be happy in truth, not a short time, but always. This is possible only when a person grows spiritually. Only then will his life has meaning and the soul is gradually approaching the ultimate goal of human birth.

Every moment, every minute of life is very important and valuable and unnecessary useless waste it.

People have forgotten the one essential thing – we are all children of God and each of us is His tiny particle. Yoga as a science provides people with knowledge of how to reach this union in reality, not merely imagine it theoretically. unity with God is.

Knowledge of Self and God doesn’t necessarily require a person to retreat from this world and refuse worldly benefits. It just takes remembering about God and devoting time for spiritual growth while performing your daily duties.

what the ultimate goal of human life is?

Sometimes a person finds it hard to perceive what the ultimate goal of his life is. Aside from doing his everyday duties he must become aware of the purpose of his existence on Earth and answer the fundamental questions:

«Who am I? Where did I come from and where do I go when my life ends?» No one has ever lived eternally and no one will: neither the poor nor the rich, neither kings nor common people. Everyone will inevitably have to abandon this body and set off on an unknown journey to the other world. This is the unquestionable truth and no one has the power to deny it. Therefore, as long as one possesses this body, he must strive for the Knowledge of God – the Power and Energy residing inside.

The ultimate goal of a human life is the knowledge of Self and full awareness of who he really is. If one starts contemplating it, the day will arrive when he receives the answers to his questions.

When Does Spiritual Power Increase?

1. When a person carries out his dharma well (dharma is the life's moral which a person has determined for himself). There can be difficulties on this path, but if we follow it firmly, then spiritual power will grow.

2. When mind (man) is nishthchal - pure, words (vachan) will be good, pure,

actions (karma) will be righteous.

And the power will be even greater, when everything: thoughts, words and actions will not differ from each other.

3. When carrying out the spiritual practice a disciple follows the Teacher's guidance. Someone is more successful at jap (chanting mantra), someone at seva (service). Teacher advises what is best for whom. If any matter, any work is fulfilled well, spiritual power will appear.

4. When a spiritually progressing person is concentrated on himself and is always honest to himself.

Some people look for the cause of everything that happens to them within themselves, others - in those around them. Who will progress spiritually more, who will have more spiritual power? The one, who is concentrated on himself, searches for reasons in himself and works on himself.

It is always necessary to monitor yourself: “Where do I go? What do I say? What is my man [mind] doing at the moment, what do I think? What do I do incorrectly now?”

When a person is honest to himself, to his atma (soul), then the light of God inside him will be even brighter. Then that inner power, which is called spirit, will grow and will help even more.

The spiritual power decreases when a person is immersed in the material and becomes dependent from it, when he is unable to manage without it.

If a person has something, but he does not depend on it, can use it correctly, then he preserves the spiritual power. Any material things are only tools.

You never need to take pride in your power. Ahankar (pride, ego) always leads to mistakes and reduces spiritual power.

To acquire spiritual power one needs to work a lot: carry out spiritual practice, follow his dharma, monitor his thoughts, words and actions. This is a tremendous job, but it is necessary.

What Predetermines Power And Weakness?

For physical power it is necessary to maintain good health, nutrition, exercise and to do everything that is needed for the physical body. To increase the material power, one needs to work, do everything reasonably and make correct decisions in time. For the spiritual power, continuous inner work is necessary. With every action, word or thought, a person decreases or increases his spiritual strength. Spiritual power can increase and decrease. Lowering of spiritual power has a limit: if it falls below a specific level, then it will be very difficult to raise it again.

nav ratri time

Navratri is a significant time for spiritual practice

Always find time to chant mantra. When you are drowning in the mundane ocean and feel unwell – chant mantra. And when you are enjoying floating in the ocean so much that you forget about everything – also chant mantra. It's good to practise jap in the morning and evening, and at any other time too.

When there is an important spiritual day or festive, try to do even more. If you have not managed to do jap regularly all the time, at least try to make up for it during Navratri. Decide the number of mala circles and try to follow it.

I pray that all of you always have bhakti, that good energy would wake up. And so that the ones who are not spiritually awake, would be "awakened" and came to God.


The importance of the regular morning and evening JAP (spiritual practice)

Why isn't it always manageable to do regular morning and evening spiritual practice? It is hard to discipline yourself. It is easy to find an hour or two for a useless chat. But could you find 30-40 minutes (in the 24 hours) for yourself, for your own benefit, progress!?

If you do not eat, the stomach feels it, wants to eat. We care about our stomach, about the body that is not eternal. But the atma, soul, which is eternal, also needs to be taken care of. The atma is also experiencing something similar to hunger; it also wants to get a good energy, strength, which is provided by jap.

Try to do jap regularly, at least 30-40 minutes every day, or even better, an hour or hour and a half. If you do a very good practice, you can even clean and change your karma, change what you have been destined.


bhakti power

Bhakti power

Bhakti (pure love and devotion) is your true nature. Why people do everything? To please the one they love.

When a person thinks about isht (a beloved image of God) all the time, it's like jap. If you are a bhakt, but someday you do less jap, you are getting everything through bhakti. If you have a strong belief that your isht is always with you, that his blessing is always with you, then you can be very much cleansed through this.

But if at some point you stop thinking as a bhakt and forget about God, it means that at this time your negative karma begins to strengthen. That's why you need to do jap, meditate – clean your mind.

Bhakti can be of various levels, and bhakti also needs to be constantly cleaned by chanting mantra


The meaning of morning and evening sadhana

The morning and the evening practices give different effects.

The morning sadhana, completed immediately after waking up, cleans the karma that has been created in the past. If according to karma something very difficult needs to happen, then it will go away through something easier. And if karma is to bring something small, it can just leave whatsoever. Besides that, morning sadhana provides a good inner state for the upcoming day. Relationships with others will be better and the work will be more fruitful.

Evening sadhana cleans the wrong that has been done, said or thought during the day. So the evening jap helps not to create new negative karmic patterns.

Sometimes disciples say that at night they find themselves in a state when there is no power to do sadhana. Morning practice will give you a good state at night, also power and desire to do sadhana.

It is important to remember that the purer is your inner state during sadhana, the better will be the result.

"Look around and you will see, that everything, from the smallest insect to the spanless sky is a miracle manifested."

Shri Prakash Ji

in the mother's womb soul asks God...

Our Universe is endless. It is populated by a great mass of living beings and, among them, people form only a small part. But only a human can progress spiritually. A soul obtains a human body by the enormous grace of God. When in the mother's womb, the soul only remembers God and asks Him only this: I will never forget You and in this life I will definitely try to unite with You. But after birth the person forgets about this, he ceases to reminisce about the value of life...

in search for true love

Everything in the world begins with love and ends with it, there is nothing but love. All the people, regardless of age, religion and skin colour, want to be loved. A baby wants that his parents loved him, a teenage is looking for it among friends, adults are looking for love in a male-female relationship. But all these are manifestations of worldly love which will not last forever.

Sometimes a person at old age is dissatisfied with his life, relationships with others, is feeling some frustration and emptiness, as if no one has ever truly loved him. Why? Because the person has only experienced the worldly love, has not connected with God and has not felt the divine love, the love of a different level. It is important to remember that love with attachments has its age, it comes to an end, but the divine love is eternal.

The atma (soul), which is inside everyone, is a part of Paramatma (God). The soul will not be at peace and will be reborn from one life to the other until it is connected with God, his great power, and dissolved in it. A soul does not strive to get a good job, buy a car, it's not in its nature. It is always looking for a high and pure state, its main desire is to connect to Paramatma, from which it is separated.

They say that the first love is very important and that people remember it all their life. But if after this love, one can love someone else, where is then the importance of the first love!? Last love is the most important because after it you can love no one else. When the person gets tired of love with attachments, then he begins to realize that there is something more pure, eternal. Then the soul ascends, it begins to look for God. There are very few souls, whose first love was God. A person first goes searching, receives the lessons of life, and afterwards the knowledge comes. And all of this happens by the grace of the Teacher, so that a soul would come to God.

Divine love is eternal, it does not end. Wherever a person happens to be, whichever difficult situation he happens to encounter, this love will always be by his side to protect, give strength and to help.