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About Guru JI


Guru Ji is a yogi, atmagyani – a true spiritual master who has connected to God. Shri Prakash Ji does not teach the ways of a specific religious path only. He is able to help every kind of person to grow spiritually on the road that they chose for themselves.

He teaches us how to communicate with people, how to work properly, how to maintain the parent-child relationship and friendships, how to overcome hardships in life, how to find genuine happiness; which spiritual principles help in building harmonious relationships and which qualities are essential for achieving success. Because all of this is also a form of yoga.

Guru JI about his DREAMS.

Shri Prakash Ji was born in Patna, the capital of the Indian state of Bihar, – one of the most ancient cities of India. Once this city was called Pataliputra, and in great antiquity was the capital city of India.

Guru Ji was born in the family of Brahman purohits, who, from generation to generation, venerated the Vedic traditions: spiritual practices were performed, prayers sung, fasting was observed and spiritual festivals were celebrated. Shri Prakash Ji’s parents were the role models of a harmonious relationship, and created an environment of spirituality in the family. From his very early years the Master learned the true meaning of yoga.

The sadhus and yogis, who attended his parents’ house, were greatly impressed with the young Prakash. He always talked to people with great respect and love.

Shri Prakash Ji always prays for the welfare of all people, conducts religious celebrations, and wants to  see a world full of peace and harmony.

My love and blessings to all. I always hold everyone in my prayers, and hope for a part of my prayers to always remain with each person to give them inner strength, pure thoughts and progress in all aspects of life, both material and spiritual. I hope for everyone to have harmony in their families and for the world to be full of happiness and love.

Radhe radhe!

An excerpt from the interview with Shri Prakash Ji was held by PRAZDNIK.INFO TV in Moscow on 17th September 2016

Guru JI about his DREAMS

since 1990


In the year 1990 Shri Prakash Ji came to Russia.His personal qualities and the knowledge that he shared attracted people, and they always approach him for help or advice. A few years later, the same people emerged as his disciples.

Many years have passed since the time that the Master started conducting regular spiritual discourses, or satsangs in front of a large audience. In these discourses, the most essential sides of a human beings life are revealed : the meaning of life, how to live it properly, the place of spirituality in our modern society, self-growth, health, relationships, the upbringing of children and other practical areas of life are also touched upon. Spirituality in a broader sense, or as taught by Shri Prakash Ji, is the choice of a path of inner joy and peace while at the same time achieving progress in the material life.

For over twenty years now, Guru Ji has been conducting satsangs and individual meetings in Germany, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India. People come for regular spiritual practices there also. Meetings with the Master attract people from different parts of the world, seeking answers to clear up their doubts and ask for advice on yoga and spiritual practices.

Spiritual Master sees his disciples as his children, who are all a part of a big family. He has welcomed and is always welcoming of people of different age groups, social statuses, different nations and countries. The Master is open to meeting every single seeker who approaches him.


spiritual path


What is the most important thing in a human beings life? How can a person choose his spiritual path?

An interview with Shri Prakash Ji was held
IN london on 11th August 2016.



Ashram was founded in 2004 in the Moscow suburbs. It is located in a quiet, secure place near the forest. Thanks to its convenient location, it is possible to reach Ashram by public transport.

Over time, the Ashram has grown significantly and acquired its current look. It consists of several residential buildings, outbuildings, and the Temple. In the Ashram there is a hall for satsangs and meditations, as well as a place for holding yagya and havana during the period of Navratri. Here Shri Prakash Ji holds his satsangs and personal meetings.

Traditional spiritual holidays of India are celebrated in the Ahram. As well as other international holidays: New Year, 8 March and etc. It is a favorable place for obtaining knowledge and for meditation.

Shri Prakash Ji's Ashram



Shri Gurudev Shri Prakash Ji is conducting the Yagya.

Yagya is a prayer performed by the fire. Yagya has ancient roots, it is a part of the Vedic spiritual culture.

Negative energies accumulate in the Suchm-Jagat (subtle world) and create an imbalance there, polluting it. When the subtle world is unclean, many difficulties arise, both in the life of one person and in the life of all humanity. The lack of equilibrium in the subtle world is the cause of many natural disasters- floods, earthquakes, etc. Yagya purifies from negative energies and strengthens positive ones.

One of the main goals of conducting Yagya is the revival of spirituality. The lack of spirituality in people's lives is the main cause of all anxiety and suffering. In order for the world to experience great positive changes, it is necessary that a person open the soul for love and live in harmony with others.

Yagya is held on the day of the Yogini Ekadashi. Spiritual practices, prayers, fasting on the day of the Yogini Ekadashi bring a lot of purification; give energy for development in the spiritual and material sphere. A person who participates in Yagya or who takes part in it receives the blessing of the higher powers and their special help.

The prayers of the participants help people living on this earth, and souls that already gone. On Yagya, conducted by Shri Prakash Ji, people pray that there was a power to defeat their negative qualities and strengthen the positive ones so that negative karma would decrease, and the positive awakened. They pray for the awakening of spiritual knowledge in their souls and in the souls of other people, for harmony and peace throughout the world.

TV program "Uspech" - a report from yagya conducted by Sri Gurudev Shri Prakash Ji

Fragment from Shri Prakash Ji's satsang : Purpose of carrying the Yagya


Vedic yagyas (other name yajna, yagna) are performed to create positive energy and avoid unwanted effects in the different areas of life of individuals and nations and to have the best possible nature support.

Vedic yagyas are performed by Brahmanas, Spiritual Masters, pandits (scholars), Vedic scholars who have been specially trained in Vedic ceremonies, are experts in this matter and themselves live according to the rules of the Vedic tradition.

Yagyas are performed through the recitation of sound or vedic mantras to reach certain result. This is vedic music, vedic vibration. It is possible to use them as prevention but it is also possible to use them for promoting the different areas of life.

Yagya is exaggerated to enhance health, material well-being, success and harmonize life



Guru Purnima festival is very special holiday. According to the Vedic tradition, this is a day of gratitude and veneration of the Master. The Master in his role of a spiritual mentor, who helps a person to improve himself.

Disciples of Shri Prakash Ji expressed their gratitude with a prayer and an Aarti. Bhajans and kirtans were sung.

Guru purnima in Shri Prakash Ji’s Ashram.

"Can you see your mind? No. Can you see you thoughts? No. You cannot see your soul as well. The three most powerful forces of your life are unseen. You cannot see them...

Shri Prakash Ji. Video satsang, 2015/03/14

Early morning is the best time to turn to God. This helps to keep our thoughts and life in order for the rest of the day.

From Shri Prakash Ji's satsang, 2016/07/16